Tackling water scarcity with modern water storage tanks

With drought and famine becoming commonplace, what measures can be taken to improve water supply?

water scarcity and supply drought

We all worry about environmental pollution, wars, natural disasters, dwindling resources and so on. One such scarce resource about which we all worry is water. But, all of us forget the fact that if every one of us acts wisely and responsibly, we can constantly have plenty of water for our use.

water in tap drought hot sunIt is a known fact that there are certain places in the world where rainfall is scanty and so, scarcity of water is quite severe in these places. In addition to that, the wrong lifestyles of people add to the severity of this problem. At the same time, population is increasing rapidly and therefore, requirement for water is increasing day after day. So, acute water shortage prevails in these places and Australia is a country in which people face such a situation in many areas. People have realized the importance of storing rain water. Previously, no one bothered about rain water and they were allowing it to go a waste. Now, they are using rainwater tanks at homes and other buildings for collecting and storing this water.

In some of the countries like Australia, there are places where the authorities have made the use of these water storage tanks compulsory because water scarcity in these places is very severe. But, the great news is that more and more people are becoming environment-conscious and they are installing these water tanks (such as the water tanks available from TTF) on their own. Whether people are forced to use these tanks or they are installing them on their own, these tanks are catering to their requirements.

Though rainfall is below normal level in these places, we can not deny the fact that rainwater is a good source that immensely benefits us. But, we should store it using innovative ways. If it is not stored like this, it may go a waste. Using rain water tanks for this purpose is a great way to collect this water for use in future. Some of the benefits of using these tanks are discussed here:

- If you solely depend upon the supply of water through the public water system, you will be forced to spend a lot on it. By storing water through rain water tanks, most of your daily needs can be met and so, you can make a good saving. More than 50 to 60 per cent of your daily consumption of water will be met by this source. Cumulatively, a month's saving can be quite substantial.

- Your dependency on the public water supply will get reduced to a great extent. Even if there is a disruption in supply, you need not be unduly bothered about it because you will have sufficient water stored in the rain water tanks. Especially, during dry seasons, this water will be of great use to you.

- If you get a rain water tank installed in your house, the market value of your building will go up by several notches. In fact, these tanks are considered as an asset for any home because those living in such homes can immensely benefit from this precious source.

- For environmentally-conscious people, rain water is a great boon because they can keep recycling and reusing it. This means that they will not be wasting this source and will be making full use of it. Thus, these people are contributing for the over-all well-being of this world.

- These tanks are available in various shapes and sizes. You can even opt for round tanks if the space at your home will accommodate tanks of such a shape. If you have very limited space at your home, you can choose slimline water tanks (such as those on offer here) because they can be installed conveniently along the side of the house.

There are a number of different types of rainwater tanks (to get an idea of the rainwater tank sizes available in Australia, click here) and it is essential that you know about the various types and sizes available before making a decision about purchasing them. Let us have a look at some of these types:

- Polyethylene rain water tanks are the largest selling tanks and their popularity stems from the fact that they are light-weight. Hence, they can be used as underground tanks as well as above-the-ground tanks. The main benefit of these poly tanks available here is that they are UV resistant. Since they come at various price ranges, you can buy the tanks that suit your budget.

- You also have fiber-glass rain water tanks and their main benefits are that they are rust-free and resistant to chemical corrosion. Since they withstand high temperatures very well, they are priced a little higher. But, in spite of their high prices, a large number of people opt for these tanks.

- Concrete water reservoirs are highly durable but, they may develop cracks. If they are repaired on time, they can be long-lasting and durable. But, the only problem is that there may be algae growth in them due to exposure to sunlight.


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