Towing with a Towbar

towing trailer

Tow Bars are designed suitably so that a vehicle can be linked to trailer and taken to a different place safely. There are many installers of towbars in Brisbane, one of the most popular is, but the general design of all the Brisbane towbars is almost the same. Of course, differences may be there in the type of mounts and their towing capacity. There may be slight differences in the basic design also.

Tow bars may come with various features. Among the tow bar types, the RV mounted towbars are often considered the most reliable. A great feature of these RV mounted tow bars is that they can be connected directly. There will be a hitch lock with which you can connect the tow bar to the trailer hitch receiver. 

You do not have the hassle of uncoupling another system like a coupler or a ball mount in RV mounted types as in the case of car mounted types. But, in the car mounted types, you need an additional connection point like a coupler that may make an annoying rattling noise. 

A great benefit in RV mounted towbars is that they need not be removed for storing when not in use. So, you need not worry about packing or storing the tow bars. You can use a hitch adapter so that you can have the height you want so as to match the height of the trailer vehicle.

But, if you go through the history of towbars, the car-mounted types were the first to be used. These car-mounted tow bars come with a few benefits also. The foremost benefit is that they are more economical. The integrated coupler provides more security because it can be locked to the hitch ball.

In certain tow bars, there will be a crossbar that can strengthen the towing system. This crossbar will be between the arms near the connection point between the tow bar and the trailer vehicle. But, it is not necessary that all tow bars Gold Coast should have this crossbar.

In certain car mounted tow bars, such as those towbars available from, the arms will be rigid and cannot be adjusted. This design reduces the cost of this type. So, those who have a tight budget can opt for this type. But, if the towbars Brisbane have adjustable arms, they are easy to hook up. In this type, the trailer vehicle need not be brought to the exact position for connecting to the towing system. These adjustable arms are also known as telescoping arms and they can be adjusted to get the length the users need.

Brisbane Towbars can have a few additional features also such as non-binding release latches that are useful for hassle-free disconnect even on uneven surfaces, self-aligning arms or telescoping arms that can enable automatic centering and locking, pivot joints that will help in quick and simple hookup even on uneven surfaces and so on. In addition to these features, you can have tow bars Gold Coast made of aluminum also that are lightweight and easy and simple to handle.


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