Holiday in the outback with an off road camper trailer

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If you make up your mind to buy a camper trailer, you should be ready to spend some of your precious time and do your research. This is because you have plenty of options. In fact, there are many manufacturers of camper trailers, for example GIC Camper Trailers, Blue Tongue Campers, camel campers and more. Every manufacturer will have a different set of specifications in the camping trailers they produce. Accessories that come with such trailers will also be varied and therefore, you should make your decision after considering many aspects.

The foremost aspect you should consider for choosing the most appropriate camper trailer for your use is to decide the purpose for which you need it. By now, you may know that you have both on road camper trailers and off road camper trailers. Standard on road trailers will be suitable if your roads are 2-wheel drive roads. The additional features on these trailers are a tent and accessories like a swing-out tailgate, a jockey wheel, a deluxe kitchen, jerry can holders, water tanks and other necessary electrics. But, you should remember that such on road camper trailers will not last long when they are used on the rugged conditions found on the outbacks. So, you should necessarily go in for an off road camper trailer. These off road trailers will be useful even for bush camping and you can take them on 4-wheel drive roads and tracks also. That is the reason these trailers are also called "outback 4wd camper trailers"

The main features of these outback 4wd trailers are heavy duty construction with a draw-bar and heavy duty off-road springs and axles. These trailers will necessarily have electric or hydraulic brakes that are helpful to have a good control in harsh and challenging conditions. Since you will be using these trailers in forests and outbacks, a stone guard is an absolute necessity. Storage spaces of these trailers must be secure and dust-proof.  It is better to have jerry can holders for having additional fuel or water. You will also have features like a simple fold out tailgate, a shelf for a gas stove, deluxe extendable swingout kitchen with pantry and plumbing, gas bottles, twin water tanks and so on. You can also have 12v lighting, water pump systems, battery chargers and inverters and 240 volt connections.

You should ensure to have tents that are made of high-quality treated canvas. By having more number of large-size windows and doors, you can have a good air-flow in the tents. But, you should have insect screens because outbacks will be bushy and there may be insects in those areas. You should ensure to have a good and sufficient space for you and your family in these tents. If you plan for longer stays, you must have tents of appropriate sizes.

Price is an important factor to consider for buying an off road camper trailer for example my off road Camper Trailer here was significantly less than some others on the market at the time. Different packages are available in the market. You should choose the appropriate package that suits you. At the same time, you should ensure to check if the package you choose comes well within the budget you have allocated for buying your camping trailer.


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