Choosing Between Popular Types and Styles of Carpet


Home owners know that no matter how well a carpet istypes of carpet samples taken care of, it will eventually have to be replaced. Even long-term renters may wish to change the type of carpeting they have in their home or apartment. Many people would believe that choosing a new carpet is as easy as going to a carpet shop and picking out their favourite colour, but this is hardly the case. Different types of popular carpeting have different advantages and disadvantages. A woollen carpet may be far superior to other carpeting when it comes to abrasion protection, but polyester carpeting could far outlast other types of carpeting in direct sunlight. When choosing a specific type of carpet, there are three things a person should consider before making their purchase. 

1. Sun Exposure on Carpet
Different carpet types have different levels of resilience to sunlight. If a room doesn’t have any windows or those windows will never receive any direct sunlight, this consideration isn’t that important. If a room will receive direct sunlight, however, it is important to choose the right type of carpeting. Acrylic carpeting is one of the most durable choices when facing direct ultraviolet rays. Polyester and nylon also stand up well to direct sunlight. A polypropylene or woollen carpet will not survive as well against the sun as other types of carpeting, but keeping the blinds in a room can be very effective. 

2. The Carpets Abrasion Resistance 
It is important to consider how much foot traffic a new carpet will be receiving as well. Many people may not know it, but different types of carpeting are better at surviving in high traffic areas. Nylon and polypropylene carpets are excellent at resisting damage caused by excessive foot traffic. Wool and polyester carpeting also fare well against such abrasions. Acrylic carpeting is the worst of the five to have in a high traffic area, but it still resists abrasion damage fairly well. 

3. Possibility of Mildew
Unfortunately many things in a home can be ruined by mildew if any moisture manages to get into the home. This may be something that many homeowners or renters will never have to worry about, but if something does occur that can cause mildew to form, some types of carpeting are better than others at resisting it. Polypropylene, polyester and acrylic carpeting all do very well when faced with a mildew problem. These three are very resistant to the nuisance, and nylon can even be modified to withstand mildew as well. Woollen carpeting, on the other hand, will not fare as well as the other types. If the carpet becomes soiled or damp, there is the chance that mildew will form. This is why it is important to clean any liquid spills or stains as soon as they occur. 

Choosing new carpet is not as easy as many people would imagine. There are numerous things a person should consider before making their purchase, and making a smart decision based on these considerations can save hassles and money in the future. Regardless of the type of carpet a person eventually settles on, they will have to use a carpet cleaning service like occasionally or spend the time and money necessary to do it themselves. It is important to remember that carpet steam cleaning (for example machines are not always appropriate for every type of carpet, so it would benefit a person to at least check with a professional carpet cleaning service before undertaking the task themselves. 


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